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Originating in 2010, Lucid Awakening is the ambitious brainchild of childhood friends who found their serendipitous beginnings in a refurbished storage building in a small suburb of the growing musical mecca, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Raised on Rush and Metallica and enthralled by the talents of prog metal titans like Between the Buried and Me and Dream Theater, brothers Garrett (Bass) and Colton Miller (Guitar) laid the groundwork for epic compositions that would later be fleshed out through the lineup additions of Jake Jezek (guitar), Nikki Santisteven (drums) and Michael McGinley (keyboards). With this configuration the band developed a local and regional following, providing local support for bands like Entheos, Erra, and The Contortionist. 


After efforts to find a vocalist proved fruitless, Lucid Awakening released The Sum of Infinity in 2019 as their instrumental debut, showcasing their lyrical and dynamic style of songwriting. In 2020 Heyden Smith joined on vocals and the band quickly got to work recording their next album. The singles “Epiphany” and “Colors of a False denomination” were released in 2021, further pushing the bounds of their progressive exploration with their newfound voice while teasing the darker and more mature iteration of their sound.


Now, Lucid Awakening is releasing Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty on August 20. It may be their second record, but it is their first as a fully realized ensemble. The vocals are expressive and diverse, elevating the complex and tantalizing instrumentation, with each part rising up to form the pillars of this epic and sprawling album. The lyrics explore ideas that range from the abstract to the intimately personal, from our systems and institutions to a story set in a time far from now. There are crushing riffs, oppressive growls, and technical passages that effortlessly give way to melodic lines, shifting textures, and soaring vocals, all part of a cohesive whole that is as fun to listen to as it is rewarding.

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